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Find a huge array of exquisite and marvellous dining sets at Canonbury Antiques today.

Over centuries a luxury dining set was a mark of distinction and elegance as well as a method of showing off your standing to other visitors and friends. Not only was a dining set a mark of quality that provided a distinct focal point to your room but it was also a place to bring all of the family together at meal times and talk about the latest issues and stories of the time.

As decades have moved on we still regard a dining table and chairs as a huge focal point for families to gather regardless of whether it is simply to have a meal or whether it is to celebrate Christmas or maybe a party. However the selection of dining sets available is now vast, ranging from the traditional to the modern enabling something to suite all tastes.

One of the most favoured dining sets now available is the antique dining set. These prestigious dining tables and chairs show a wonder, which has been manufactured mainly by hand and very good workman ship making it almost a work of art. The dining tables can be manufactured from a wonderful array of woods ranging from mahogany, to oak, pine and a number of other fabulous woods.

With such a diverse selection of dining sets readily available it can be a truly daunting task to locate something, which will add character and charm to your current decor. Also one of the most significant factors is ensuring that you are purchasing an original product. There are several so called furniture companies who state that the dining tables they sell are antique when in fact they have either been reconditioned, reproduced or have never truly aged to become an antique.

If you are searching for an antique dining table and chairs continually take time looking in to the products on offer, be patient and always seek out guidance. Auctions really are a great starting point to gauge an idea of the cost and also what to look for such as markings and designs. If you're looking on the net try and see what other testimonials have been left by other people, not only by looking on the website but by investigating the company selling the products.

Always set out a budget of what you are estimating on spending for the antique furniture. Once you are sat in an auction room it can become particularly easy to get caught up in the excitement when all around you people are bidding on a model. So always set yourself an amount and unfortunately if the piece you are considering starts to exceed your budget then it is sensible to let it go and bid on a different item of interest, unless your heart is actually set on the dining set on offer.

One of the major aspects you'll need to keep in mind is the size and shape of the dining set. Some dining sets are significantly larger than you realise and until you get it home you may not realise that you've the room, so always measure the area you are thinking about placing it in and then you don't make the mistake of purchasing something that is going to be too large for your home.

An additional aspect to consider is that you ensure you purchase a dining set that will go with the character, charm and decor of your home. The last thing you want is to purchase a lovely mahogany dining table that looks out of place with the current colour scheme within your home. If you do have a problem with space consider the extending dining table, these delightful tables hold the ability to extend to accommodate a number of individuals making it perfect for those occasions when you're expecting a large amount of people to your home.

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