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What You Need to Know About Vintage Wooden Chairs

Vintage furniture pieces are starting to get more and more popular among today's homeowners. In the past, you will seldom see people shopping in second-hand stores and antique shops. But now, it's were everyone's going. This is mainly because vintage furniture pieces feature designs that you are probably never going to find anywhere else.

One of the most popular vintage pieces today is the vintage wooden chairs. Although some people may see them as non-functional pieces that are worth only for display, they are mostly wrong. This is because there are now plenty of vintage furniture items that are just as durable and as comfortable as any kind of room furniture. Apart from that, there are actually plenty of stores that can restore old and vintage furniture to a more functional state.

For those who are still a bit hesitant about the entire vintage theme, know that you really do not have to stick to an all-vintage motif for your entire room. Vintage wooden chairs, or any kind of vintage furniture for that matter, can also blend well with modern accessories and furniture pieces. With the right combination, they can give your space a distinct kind of style, unlike any other.

There are actually a number of stores that sell vintage chairs - from antique stores to yard sales. However, take note that these vintage chair pieces may not be at their best conditions. But as mentioned before, you can easily find people who can restore these pieces for you so you can preserve its beautiful vintage character.

Vintage wooden chairs require special attention and care as well. The value of vintage furniture can increase over time so it's very important for furniture owners to keep them in tip-top shape. However, wood can be subject to a wide variety of damaging factors - from scratches, spills, changing humidity to even insect attacks. Wood, when left unmaintained, can also age on its own.

One of the best things that you can do to keep your vintage chair in tip-top shape is regular cleaning or dusting. Wipe the furniture with a soft, clean cloth at least once a week. Take out dust from crevices with a brush and never use cleaning sprays on to the wood.

Furniture experts also recommend that homeowners wax their vintage wooden chairs every 3 to 4 months. The wax can serve as a protective barrier from fluctuating temperature and humidity, as well as dust and water. A good material to use would be the paste wax, which do not contain harmful chemical that may damage the wood. If there are any metal handles attached to your furniture, take them out before cleaning to avoid any kind of contact with the metal polishers.

There are some pieces that may have greater value when they are left untouched and un-restored. Most if not all of these pieces are only good for display. Vintage pieces like these usually come from certain time periods, which have important historical value or are made by important artists of the past. These more valuable kinds of vintage wooden chairs are usually available in auctions which are frequented by antique collectors - people who are willing to spend large amounts of money for vintage and antique pieces.

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