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Antique Farm Tables and Chairs - Just two of the Goodies on Sale at OGT

Antique farm tables and matching chairs are just two examples of the hundreds of different goodies available for sale at a company which specializes in genuine antique and vintage furniture, fixtures and fittings for the home and items of architectural interest from roof tiles, guttering and stained glass windows.

Their name is safe for the moment and it will be mentioned later on but for the time being just imagine a remodelling job on your suburban home, loft apartment, condo or rural retreat far from the maddening crowd and envisage a complete furniture style change depicting some of the classic lines and style of antique farm tables, drawer and cupboard free standing cabinets.

Picture also glass lite internal French doors, brass and other antique and vintage light switches and fittings, mirrors and small occasional furniture items and internal architectural pieces such as cornices, wood panelling and other highly sought after genuine antique and vintage salvage items all at really keen prices.

There are purists who believe that items of furniture such as antique farm tables and other furniture pieces and fixtures and fittings from differing eras of history should be mixed and yet isn't this the norm?

Look around any modern home which has modern furniture in it and there may be antique lamp fittings and switches and older furniture and effects which may have been handed down or indeed bought as presents. Maybe, just maybe they have been bought with no apparent thought to the era that they come from simply because they are things of intrinsic beauty and therefore of great value to the current owner.

If your penchant is for older more beautiful items such as farm tables and occasional furniture, furniture which was made in an era of craftsmen who put a little piece of their heart and soul into every piece they made, rather than in the mass produced soulless pieces of furniture seen in stores and furniture showrooms in out of town shopping malls, it is far better to spend a little more for a timeless piece which will in all probability be around and thriving when we are pushing up daisies and feeding the worms.

Create a unique furnishing style in your home starting today with some of the most beautiful yet practical antique and vintage furniture, fixtures and fittings all of which have been salvaged from buildings and homes built in a more genteel and less hectic time.

About the Author:
Individual antique occasional and farm tables together with hundreds of other genuine vintage and antique furniture, fixtures and fittings can be found at the Olde Good Things store in New York, Los Angeles and their national warehouse at Scranton PA.

Alternatively browse the website at and order direct from hundreds of beautiful antique and vintage items just waiting to adorn your home.smrtovnice

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