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Antique Phones for Decor and Conversation

Antique phones are an intriguing part of decor that can go well with nearly all decorating schemes, colours and styles. An antique phone as part of your decor is sure to be a conversation piece. In this day and age when telephones are small enough to get lost in a purse and many people don't even use landline home telephones at all, an antique phone is a novelty.

Most children today have never even seen a rotary dial phone much less one that has a separate earpiece with only a short wire and a box on the phone itself to talk into so that they can't walk all over the place chatting with their friends. To today's modern and technology-friendly children, even a push button 'princess phone' seems like an antique.

You'll really blow their minds when you display a phone that they can't get up and walk around with. They'll never believe that you used to have to share a phone line with several other homes and that to make a call an operator had to connect you personally. Just think of the wonderful conversations your family and guests will have about telephones!

Antique phones come in many different styles to showcase the differences and advances made over the years since Mr. Bell invented them. From the very old box phones which hang on a wall and only have a earpiece with no mouthpiece to the first desktop style rotary phone and other styles through the years. You can display either a chronological collection of antique phones or simply incorporate one antique phone into your decor.

It doesn't matter whether you have a minimalist decorating scheme or a full comfy country home an antique phone will enhance your decor and lend some personality to your decor. There are several categories of antique phones, which provide you with a wide variety of phones for your decor.

Antique Cradle Phones include some fancy and fabulous phones that give your room some elegance and old-fashioned charm. Think of old Hollywood movies and women with feathered boas or furs answering the gilded phone in their dressing room. This is the ambience provided by an antique cradle phone.

Art Deco Phones come in a variety of colours and styles made specifically to complement certain decor schemes. From bright red artistically designed replica phones to actual antique phones in that style you will find a variety of phones in this category to be used in nearly every room in your home.

Antique Pay Phones are a look into a different time. With the simple on the wall style and the antique coin collecting system these phones give your decor a feeling of antique authenticity. There are the original antique pay phones and several models that followed.

County Junction Phones take you back to a time when party lines and hometown operators were the norm. Guests will enjoy the appearance of such a novelty item no matter what your decorating scheme may be.

Antique American Phones include several rotary dial desk and wall phones from several decades of phone history. You could display an authentic 1930's cradle phone from the time when phones were desktop but heavy and solid.

So, while your tiny cell phone may be handy and convenient, it's the descendant of an older, more basic and much larger telephone that has evolved over the years to become much more than just a way to talk to another person. Antique phones were not cordless, they didn't have push buttons, there were no alarms or clocks on them and there were no such things as text messages. While not very useful these days, antique phones still serve a function as a part of your decor.

No matter what style you have decorated your home in you can find an antique phone that will fit the decor in various colours, shapes, sizes and styles. Sure, they're antiques but even back then people liked a bit of variety. The ability to have a colourful phone or a phone that was unique from all the others of the time didn't occur until phones were no longer a brand new item.

Over time they were adapted and changed from simple black or wooden phones to hard plastic, the rotary dials were replaced by push buttons and eventually they took the cords away and made phones more portable and convenient to use. With the advent of cordless phones the old fashioned and common presence of a 'phone table' placed beside a comfortable chair became a thing of the past.

The style and design of telephones may have adapted into something that no longer even looks related to original telephones but those antiques still provide a wonderful authentic and homey touch to your decor. When you are looking for a way to introduce antiques into your decorating scheme without spending a fortune starting with a few antique phone pieces is one way to get started. Antiques are costly mainly because they are rare.

With Antique phones you can either get original antique phones or antique replicas of telephones. This gives you a great deal of price range variety and often color and style choices that weren't available in the time frame of the actual models of the phone

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Antique phones come in many different styles to showcase the differences and advances made over the years since Mr. Bell invented them .Antique phones are an intriguing part of decor that can go well with nearly all decorating schemes,For More Detail Visit Us :

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