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Exline Old Country Store and Antique Exchange

Exline, an old coal mining town of 191 people, was in need of a local gathering spot for its residents. Morgan Cline, a retired advertising executive, grew up on a farm south of Exline and was a member of the last graduating class of Exline High School. When Cline saw a need for a community space in Exline, the idea for the Old Country Store was born.

The Exline Old Country Store and Antique Exchange opened in October 2003 on Main Street. Today, the store's 4,000 square feet are home to antiques, groceries, snacks, books, crafts, and more. You can fill up with Sinclair gasoline, or rest by the pot-belly stove in the 'Sit & Spit Corner.' (Sorry, no spitting allowed!) And in warm weather, you'll find wood rocking chairs are kept on the porch just waiting for weary travellers and Exline folks to sit and chat.

The Exline Old Country Store and Antique Exchange was only the beginning of a number of projects developed by Morgan Cline in Exline. In addition, Cline moved a one room school house to the main street area and renovated it as a replica of the original schools. Then there was the tiny E.E. Withrow building which he did the same thing making it the community betterment office. The list goes on to include renovation of local homes in poor condition, the development of Ponds and Prairies, Coal Miners Commons, and the Exline Hose Company No. 1 Museum.

There is much more than meets the eye in the area. Many are unaware that Brigham Young was named the head of the Mormon Church about 1 ˝ miles south and east of Exline at a place they called, 'The Ring of Rocks.'

Thanks to Cline's investments and his vision, The Exline Old Country Store and Antique Exchange is now on the map and drawing tourists from far and wide.

Stop by for breakfast, lunch or dinner - everything's delicious. Be sure to join the Coffee Club for just $3.99 and get your own mug. The rest of your fill-ups are just 25 cents a cup.

If you haven't visited the Exline Old Country Store, we have to say that you're missing out. All communities need a place to meet, eat, and visit. This is the place! When you get here, stop in and experience that old time country store atmosphere. After you have had something off the menu, don't forget to have an old fashion ice cream from the soda fountain. When you're done having your dessert, stretch your legs, walk around, and look at all the antiques for sale. Make sure you take something home with you.

Exline Country Store Testimonials

'We really like the expanded and neat dining area, including the soda counter. Donna and Abby were cheerful and quickly agreed to fix a breakfast request!' - Carol & Gary

'I grew up 4 miles south of Exline in the 40's and 50's and remember the town and The General Store, etc. very well. Having moved to Illinois in 1960, and watching Exline deteriorate so badly over the years, it now is so much fun to visit the ole Hometown and witness the revitalization it has undergone! Thanks Morgan and all who helped!!' - Gale T. Downer

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