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Some places even restore some of the furniture to grant it well their appearance of how they've looked every time they were first created. Carrocel is the place to go to when you're looking for antique furniture that you'd like to own within your home. You may even approach in customizing your own furniture should you not like the product in question on the site.

Why Carrocel?

Carrocel focuses on restoring antique furniture to your liking. You may even find some online that you like to purchase. Remember that many of the pictures online aren't available for purchasing. You'll be able to attempt in enabling your furniture restored plenty of different ways. There are pictures accessible in which you'll want to see several of the work that they have already carried out some furniture. Carrocel even offers great support services in which their business hours come from 9 AM in order to six PM Monday through Friday and 10 AM to 4 PM for fun on Saturday.

Furniture That's Restored

There are many kinds of furniture that Carrocel will restore. Dining area suites, family area suites, even pieces of the suites just like dining room chairs are viewed as. If you opt for customizing the restoration, you possibly can start when choosing the colours and also the patterns the place you plan to be utilized on your collection. It may well even be featured inside the showroom on the spot. Bedroom furniture is even included inside the restoration. You may even include lamps along with types of accessories to have restored. There are endless possibilities as well as company will be pleased to enable you to a satisfied customer in the long run.


The pricing relies on what you would like done to your furniture. It's hard to present an exact price depending on the proven fact that everyone's taste vary. You might have got a piece of furniture with minimal scratches when compared to someone whose furnishings are beyond repairable.

You'll be able to, however, try to obtain a quote in order to purchase a rough estimate on what much it'll cost prior to going about to get everything done. Some people have already been satisfied with their service and are likely to become repeat customers.

Who They Serve

Carrocel is actually a company that's based out in Canada, they have a tendency to start using a lots of people worldwide. Each bit of furnishings are wrapped up safely to make certain that there isn't any damage done during shipping. If you're locally in the area, you are able to attempt in buying or dropping off your furniture. When you generally questions based on their service or how long it'll take for anyone to have the finish product, it's possible to contact them from the form on their own site giving you can refer to them as at 416-999-2525.

At Carrocel we treat the restoration of wood furniture for an art involving many operations performed yourself. On the stripping process right through towards the final finish, we painstakingly meaning that each step is performed while using utmost care and uncompromised craftsmanship.

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