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The Beauty of Italian Chairs

Furniture design is continually evolving, yet the one thing that holds true through time is beautiful, hand-crafted items. European furniture makers have long been hailed as incredible craftsmen. Italian craftsmen have long been the trend-setters, creating beautiful timeless pieces through the ages.

Whether they are large and luxurious or utilitarian and elegant, Italian craftsmen have engaged and marvelled us for hundreds of years. The perfect example of Italian elegance is seen through the beauty of Italian chairs.

It is impossible to consider beautiful Italian chairs without thinking of the Renaissance. Italian furniture makers provided the burgeoning middle class of the Renaissance with the beautiful furniture they sought with which to decorate their homes. Italian chairs of the Renaissance period were large and ornately carved, and were most commonly constructed of walnut.

Italian craftsmen would occasionally use silk, brocade, or tapestry upholstery along with intricate wood carvings to create chairs for Renaissance era households. These are the beautiful chairs that come to mind when thinking of the Italian furniture style of the Renaissance.

One particular Italian chair that has made a tremendous impact in the world of chairs is the famous Chiavari chair. Originally designed in wood in the 1800s, this chair has been recreated innumerable times from a variety of materials, from bamboo to plastic. Strikingly different from the ornate style of the Renaissance, the Chiavari chair was originally designed for large social gathering, it can now be seen at events like White House dinners, upscale weddings, and in elegant homes. The simplistic, utilitarian design continues to marvel in its simple elegance, and is the most sought after chair for weddings, large, formal dinners, and grand social occasions all over the world.

Another beautiful example of Italian chair design is the leather armchair. Although the French are most known for creating elegant leather armchairs, Italian leather chairs are noted for their rich leather, smooth texture, and excellent craftsmanship.

These are the perfect blend of comfort, elegance, and timeless style. The great attention to detail in material, design, and craftsmanship ensures the beauty of these chairs, which can be found in great demand in antique shops and fine furniture galleries alike.

In modern furniture design, Italian chairs continue to inspire and impress in their minimalist beauty. The Bellini chair was designed in 1998 by Mario Bellini, and is considered the perfect melding of practicality and aesthetics. The chair has become as ubiquitous in daily life as the Chiavari chair is to large gatherings. It is as commonly used in cafes and offices as in homes, and brings a modern elegance to any space.

Throughout history, Italian furniture has been highly influential and withstood the tests of time. Whether it is a beautiful Italian chair from the Renaissance, gilded and ornately carved, a sturdy leather wingback, or a timelessly sophisticated Chiavari chair, the mark of Italian craftsmanship is evident. Italian chairs are always elegant, well crafted, and timeless.

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