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Today it is ridiculous to think a cup without handle but it is probably treasured possession. Nothing that was of personal or household use during the last 300 years is too minor for consideration in this century.

They are now either left to gather dust or are unrecognised for what they are. Likewise a salt crock to hang on a kitchen, an amber bottle shaped like a fish will make a man surprised. As such their values are as precious as the things in Governor House of today. But their values lies in their being antiques.

A chair that was built hundreds of years ago and comfortable to sit on is never become out-of-date. These are not necessarily out of date or old fashioned. Antique things may look odd or monstrous in comparison to the present day things but these are as good as the present's things if the actual purpose is served. Antiques command our attention today than they ever have.

There are many controversies regarding the number of years for considering a thing as antique. An official definition of an antique is stated in the Tariff Act 19 According to this act antiques are ' works of art, collections in illustration of the progress of the art, works in bronze, marble, terracotta, pariah, pottery or porcelain, artistic antiquities and object of ornamental character or educational value which shall have been produced prior to the year of 18 ' But the date is more arbitrary in the classification of American antiques. It was the time when mass production of things began to take place of handicraft.

Each succeeding decade brought an increase in mass production. It was the time of beginning of industrialization. However the value of antiques differs from person to person also. Hardly have they had any catholic taste. In the Southwest the antiques are of Spanish in origin although they share the antiques of Victorian background of the United States.

Most of the antique buyers are primarily collector. The successful quest for the antiques is different in different regions. In Louisiana of the USA the influence of French antiques is primarily found. The man of catholic taste will buy anything that satisfies their fancy.

The people with money seldom buy the antiques. A person who owns or finds antique must learn something about them before offering them for sale.

They seldom buy without the advice of the expert and reliable antique dealer.

It should not be halfway convinced. Nothing is too small, too unimportant or too queer for an antique lover. The really zealous collector is the one who specializes.

If you are in hurry to sell the antiques ask a reliable dealer to come in and look them over. Websites are perhaps the best aid to sharpen your sense of recognition to buy the antiques other than books.

If selling is not urgent you can learn to recognize them by visiting the antique shops or attending the auction in a city gallery to learn what is being offered for sale and what the people are buying at what price. Remember the antique dealers have customers to whom they will sell your things. Whereas you must find an interested buyers before you can dispose of anything however rare, valuable or it may seem.

Owners often have the tendency to set a value on antics, which they want to sell. Pride, sentiments, emotions and feelings have nothing to do with selling prices of the antics. But everything has its value in its own. Similarly some rare things are there which bear the marks of some ages. The value is priceless. The things of the past may today prove to be useless. Repair or restoration may downgrade an antique.

The valued things cannot be purchased. There are things like broken cup, or a walking stick, or a musical instruments like violin, guitar, writing materials like pen n ink pots of some renowned persons bear the sweet memories. These things cannot be sold at any cost, they are price less and become antique. Collecting antiques is one of the wonderful hobbies. These antiques may relate to an individual, or to one's country or to any age etc.

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