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How to Repair Chipped Wood on Antiques

Antique furniture is made from various materials depending on their purpose and function. Most of the old chairs are made from wooden materials due to the fact that wood is more inexpensive and is easier to carve, design, and construct into beautiful furniture.

Although owning wooden antique furniture is rewarding as it offers more aesthetic to your house, it also requires a very demanding responsibility in return. In most cases, these objects are prone to chipping, breaking, and other problems due to their old age and gradually deteriorating structural integrity.

In order to keep antique furniture in shape and top condition, you need to know how to properly fix parts of the whole item. In the case of wooden objects, chipping off of chunks and parts of the furniture would be your common problem. This can be easily solved though using methods that are appropriate and effective in repairing the chipped part of the wood.

Inspect - before doing anything, it would be much better if you provide a thorough inspection on the overall status of the wooden furniture in order to identify the cause of the problems as well as to determine the condition of the object. This process is very essential in keeping the whole form of the item in great shape as you can easily identify possible problems and current issues just by examining the materials of the furniture.

Clean - before fixing the area that needs attention, cleaning the furniture would be a great idea in order to help you check on the other spots as well. Keep in mind that the longer you work on something, the better you get to know the object. In most cases, wooden antique furniture are usually stained in order to look good. For this reason, avoid using water as it can affect the colour of the object.

Fill - this process depends on the amount of wood that has been chipped off from its place. In most cases, these problems tend to be small where quality wood putty is enough to fill in the empty space. Use a pallet knife when filling in putty on the spaces in order to allow good manipulation while you mold it to the right shape. You can also use your finger to apply the wood putty on the chipped areas of the antique furniture.

Smoothen - use a fine sandpaper to smoothen the surface of the filled and repaired area of the furniture. Make sure that you do not sand the other areas as this can affect the stain as well as the condition of these parts. Repeat sanding the area until you get a smooth surface that is ready for the next step.

Stain - as mentioned above, most of these are stained in order to look beautiful and visually appealing. Spray thin coats of staining product on the area that you have just repaired. Make sure that it does match perfectly with the original stain in order to blend with the whole colour of the furniture.

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