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Picking the Right Dining Chairs that Complement the Dining Table

While having a nice meal in the dining room, few people stop and think about the dining chairs they are sitting on. Few people even notice them, unless they are extremely uncomfortable or have something to make them stand out. So while there are those who do not even acknowledge the chairs, and could even sit on just a piece of wood, there are also those who consider a dining chair to be a part of the dining experience, and who say that dining while sitting on an excellent chair is the only way they can enjoy the food properly.

Even though opinions are mixed, it is easy to see that there is much more to a dining chair than is apparent, and if you are looking to furnish your dining rooms this makes things ever more difficult. It is not as easy as purchasing bookcases for a reading room, but it is also not as difficult as choosing glass dining tables for a huge dining room, for example.

In order to pick the right chairs you need to keep several things in mind. First of all, you need to pick chairs that go with the rest of the furniture in the room, especially with the table, if you are not purchasing them as a set. You do not want to pick rustic chairs when your dining room has modern furniture and a plasma TV in a corner. Nor do you want to pick modern chairs when your dining room looks antique and has a fireplace on one side. Match the chairs with the table, if possible, or change the table to match the chairs if you find some chairs that you love, but that do not fit with the table you already have.

Second, when choosing the chairs keep an eye out on their size. Compare their size to the size of the table and the dimension of the living room to make sure that you are not purchasing chairs that are simply too big for the living room. You should have plenty of space around the dining table and the chairs so people can move around freely and not get stuck between a chair and another piece of furniture. However, you should also have chairs large enough to provide proper support.

This usually translates to a width of 17 inches or more, with the height depending on the height of the table. The average height of a dining chair is somewhere around 18 or 19 inches, and the average height of a dining table is around 29 or 30 inches, so there should be at least 12 inches between the top of your dining chair and the top of the dining table.

Lastly, the design and finish of the chairs plays a huge part in the selection process as well. The first thing you must decide on is, whether you want dining chairs with or without armrests. Armchairs create a more formal look, and go well with a modern dining table, while regular dining chairs without arms go with just about any dining table. It is also extremely important to get the right number of chairs for your table, because you do not want to get too many and have them cluttered around the dining table, but you do not want to have too much space between the chairs either.

Cheap living room furniture should also be placed strategically to have the optimum amount of space. The shape of the furniture depends on the shape of the room and you need to take all elements into consideration if you want to have a properly furnished house. Not cluttering the dining room with other pieces of oak furniture is usually recommended, because the dining table and chairs need to be the main focus of the room and there is usually not enough room for anything else. Take your time and carefully analyse the layout of your dining room and decide on what would go best, and only then go to a furniture store, knowing exactly what you are looking for. This not only saves time, but it also allows you to purchase something suitable because you know what you need.

About the Author:

Iain Jenkins writes articles for Great Furniture Trading Company, a retailer who offers cheap living room furniture amongst other pieces. Their selection of dining room tables is vast and customers can choose matching dining chairs to complete a stunning look in their dining area. Great Furniture is an ideal place when looking for oak furniture without the high price tags associated. Great quality oak pieces for low prices is what makes this retailer stand out.
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