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Decorate With an Antique English Victorian Biscuit Jar and 19th Century Furniture

The English Victorian era was a time when decadence was celebrated and those who had the money spared no expense when buying furniture and other pieces for their homes. During this time in the 19th century, there was a transition going on from the old world to the more modern word. 19th century furniture is a blend of pieces that were still handmade and intricate and pieces that were mass produced as a result of the Industrial Revolution.

19th century furniture and decorative items, such as an English Victorian biscuit jar, featured many new styles of design that were intricate and different. Because the Industrial Revolution was getting under way, it enabled ease in iron-making. In the previous centuries it was incredibly challenging and slow to make iron furniture or pieces that had iron details. After major improvements in the technology of the time, those who made iron could do so much quicker and could create elaborate pieces of iron furniture. These pieces could also be mass-produced, so they could be made in large quantities. Most commonly these pieces were created for use in Victorian gardens and on porches.

Carvings were also big in Victorian and 19th century decorative items. One of the most popular pieces of this time was the English Victorian biscuit jar, a jar that was made to hold biscuits, or cookies, that were eaten with tea in the afternoon. These jars were made of various materials, although brass and silver were very commonly used in the production of biscuit jars. They were often carved meticulously with various patterns and designs to give them a sophisticated and wealthy look.

Other 19th century furniture features include ornamentation in the form of carvings on furniture that was made of wood, which was even more popular when wood furniture could be mass produced, as more time could spend on the carvings since the construction of the pieces was very efficient. Those who came from wealth could have elegant pieces commissioned from furniture makers that were made with Gothic or Renaissance detailing. Chairs also were being made with very high backs, during the revival of the Gothic period. These chairs were often used in more formal rooms of the home.

If you are looking for such items as an English Victorian biscuit jar, antique 19th century furniture or any other decorative pieces from the 19th century and Victorian eras, contact a well-established antiques dealer that can help you to find the pieces that you want. You can transform your home with just a few elegant and ornate items from these classic times in history.

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