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Antique Georgian Furniture Is Distinctive and Beautiful

Georgian furniture has been popular ever since it was first introduced in England from the early 1700s to the early 1800s. The furniture that was created then is called Georgian because it was made during the reigns of King George I through King George IV. The Kings commissioned much of these Georgian furniture styles and utilized them in their living spaces.

The ornate styling of these pieces then trickled down to the masses, who sought out the rich looking furniture in droves. Today, antique collectors all over the world offer patrons the chance to own their own Georgian furniture, which can add a wealthy and elegant feel to any living space.

Georgian furniture styles encompass the elaborate and over-the top nature that each of the Kings possessed. This time period was one of decadence and fancy details, and this is reflected in the pieces of furniture that were designed and built. Wingback chairs became very popular during this time, as did ornately carved feet and legs of chairs, tables and many other types of furniture.

When you see a piece that has a ball or claw shape on its legs, this is generally considered to be a Georgian piece of furniture. The high-end furniture makers during this time used a lot of mahogany, which became the dominant wood type chosen to make pieces in the Georgian era. Rich mahogany wood is deep in color and has a lavish look to it.

The most popular and well-known furniture makers of this time period are Thomas Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Sheraton, who all created masterpieces of furniture that are still very valuable today. Georgian furniture was all made by hand and these popular builders and designers made them to perfection.

The creation of these pieces of furniture took much more time than furniture today does, but the pieces that were made were sturdier and could stand the test of time as compared to modern pieces that are mass produced and much more cheaply made. Each piece was made with such deft skill and a steady hand that as long as the owners took care of them, they are still in beautiful condition today.

If you are lucky, you can find some of the most beautiful and timeless pieces of Georgian furniture at an antiques store in your area or online. The best antique stores will be able to explain to you all about the history of the Georgian furniture styles that they have and can also find pieces all over the world that you want. You can transform your interior decorating style with classically elegant Georgian furniture bought from a quality antiques dealer.

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