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The History of Chairs

'Chair' doesn't this word seem so familiar. There will hardly ever be a person who haven't heard this word and haven't used it. Chair is one of the most commonly used objects by the mankind. It is a raised platform or a surface used commonly by a single person to sit on. Chairs are used everywhere starting from our home to other public places like theatres, restaurants, parks, auditoriums, sea shores, resorts, clubs, and even in office buildings.

A chair is most often supported by four legs and has a back rest. Some chairs also have a pair of arm rests. A chair with arm rests is termed as an armchair.Some chairs are known to be designed differently with three supporting legs or five supporting legs. This is based on the shape of the chair. A specially designed chair which helps a diseased person or a handicapped person to move around is called as a wheelchair.

A wheelchair has a pair of arm rest, a foot rest and is supported on four legs which are fixed wit rolling wheels which helps easy movement of the chair. The chairs that we normally see on a train, car, and on airplane is termed as a seat whereas it is termed as a saddle for a bicycle. A chair which is designed for more than a single person is known as a couch, sofa, settee or a bench.

A chair is mostly made of wood. Now days it is known to be made of many other materials such as stainless steel, plastic, bamboo sticks, and many more. Years ago chairs have known to been carved out in rocks. Even in the present days certain museums, parks, and resorts have benches made out of rocks.

The material used and the design of the chair must mainly fulfil two main tasks the intended usage of the chair and how far the design is comfortable for the person using the chair. The chair is an object of extreme antiquity and simplicity. For many centuries chairs were an article that revealed the dignity and status of a person. It wasn't an object of ordinary use although it is known to have existed since the Early Dynasty period. It was not until the late 16th century chairs became a common object anywhere.

As for the ancient period the chairs were covered with materials like leather or cloth. They were carved out of wood and were lower than the present chairs. In ancient Egyptian countries chairs were fashioned out of ebony and ivory and appear to have great richness and splendour. In many ancient countries of the world including India there was a basic trend that higher the rank of the official the taller and more splendid was the chair on which he sat. Usually the emperors sat on high raised chairs called the throne often accompanied with a little footstool on its front.

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