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Buying Antiques For Your Home - Part Three

First of all, the most important factor is that for a true antique to qualify as an antique, is time. The recommended time of a true antique is 100 years old, or more. Near antiques are from 75 to 99 years old, and then there are the items known merely as vintage that are 25 to 74 years old, which are from the 40s, 50s and into the 60s. Some of these items may just be 'kitsch' and their 'trend' may only last a short time, so this is another reason to be sure of what you want to collect. Is it just for you, or do you want to deal in the market?

There are elements to look for when shopping for an antique and the most important is whether you like it. Take a good look at the overall condition of the piece. Is it badly scratched, broken or cracked? Remember that this may devalue the piece considerably. Is it still solid on its legs, wobbly, or in need of restoration? Remembering that sympathetic restoration can cost a small fortune, you will have to make sure that the antique you buy is not going to owe you money if you want to sell it to another buyer.

Before buying, ask questions about the construction of a piece. Has it been repaired? Are there any secondary pieces that have been added to give it more stability? What is its history? Beware of pieces, which have been made using a leg or an arm of an antique chair. This is being done and it can be called an antique, which has been restored. are online and ready to browse, however to see by appointment, unique town and country pieces from the 17th to 19th century of English and European origin and also, art and treen from the same periods, it is just a mater of making a phone call. When you do go online and search, always be sure to log in to the Classified, antiques and collectibles, where you are invited to join, log in and browse. Always remember when sourcing antiques and collectibles, 'buyers beware'; there are many dodgy pieces out there for inexperienced, but eager buyers.

Changing or refinishing a piece of furniture can detract from the value if you are looking at museum-quality pieces. However, if you are looking to bring warmth and a certain ambiance into your home and perhaps to personalize a space, the value really lies in what the piece brings to you.

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