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Innovative Ideas for Restoring a Wooden Chair

An old wooden chair can be restored in a number of ways. One can use it various innovative ways with just a bit of creativity and intelligence. Mentioned below are few creative ideas to restore your old wooden chair. Check them out:


You can easily render an old wooden chair new by painting it. Apply a fresh coat of a colour that complements the over all decor of the house and you will be ready with an interesting piece of furniture for your room. With two three colours together, you can easily personalize an old wood chair into a fresh new article.


Another idea to decorate an old wooden chair is by stencilling some designs onto it. In fact, one can design a wonderful chair for children's room by stencilling the name of the kids onto it. There are immense ways to decorate a chair using stencils.


Decoupaging refers to the technique of pasting cut-outs to create a certain design pattern. Decoupaging is an artistic way to decorate a wood chair. For this all you need is your favourite cut-outs and a glue stick.


Cushions not only make a chair comfortable but also add a dash of sophistication and flare to the wooden chair. Though, it can be a little pain to search for chair cushions thus, it is best to get them stitched or handcrafted as per the chair's measurements.

Throw Pillow

Throw pillows again, can be a great idea for enhancing the appeal of an old discarded wooden chair. Not only would it provide a fresh new look to the chair, but would make it more comfortable as well.

Using a Throw

Throw refers to a drape which can be placed at the back of a chair. It provides a warm homey feel and thus can be used for restoring a wooden chair.

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