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Antique furniture means so much more than just having a beautiful chair to sit in or table at which to eat. Each piece of expertly-crafted antique furniture has a story to tell.

These pieces were made by hand and constructed with care by people who had a real passion for what they were making. To the craftsman, that antique chair was more than just a place to sit, the chest was more than just a place for storage.

These pieces were meant to bring comfort, joy, and beauty to the home. So to see a piece of antique furniture neglected or crumbling is a disservice to the piece and the artist who created it. Fortunately, even the most worn items can be brought back to their former glory when entrusted to the hands of a professional.

Why Restore an Antique?

You might have an antique piece of furniture that you purchased recently or you might have something that has been in storage for years. Trying to decide whether or not to spend your time and money restoring these pieces can often lead to putting off the project over and over.

However, having an old piece of furniture repaired or restored can often be a very rewarding decision. Period pieces have a uniqueness that simply cannot be reproduced with modern furniture. They can sometimes take on a personality all their own.

They may serve a decorative purpose for many, but they can also provide an historical twist to your designs. Whether it is the antique desk in the library or an old oak chest in the bedroom, these pieces bring a flair all their own to a home.

Choosing the Right Restorer

There are plenty of furniture repair options even in the local Raleigh market. The one significant difference between these choices is experience. While many companies might claim to have years or decades of experience repairing furniture, they may not have enough experience with antiques to restore them properly.

An antique which has been improperly restored can end up being worth less than one which has not been restored at all, so finding a company like Capital Restoration, whose owner John Allen has worked restoring museum-quality pieces, is a must.

Not only can Capital Restoration restore your piece to like new condition, you will have peace of mind knowing that they will restore or repair the piece properly so that it can last for many more years.

Antique furniture and decor not only bring personality to a room, but they can be very valuable as well. Whether the piece is worth a good deal of money or just valuable for sentimental reasons, having it restored properly can help ensure the item lasts for future generations to enjoy.

When you do decide to have your piece restored or repaired, just remember that finding the right company can make all the difference. With a one-of-a-kind piece like an antique or family heirloom, you want to make sure that you only put your trust in the most capable hands.

About the Author:

When looking for antique furniture repair in Raleigh NC you need to choose someone that knows what they are doing. John Allen, owner of Capital Restoration has provided expert restoration services to area museums, historic sites, universities, antique dealers and private owners since 1997.smrtovnice

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