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If you've had any experience trying to by Antique Furniture at auction you know how hard this can be. There are thousands of people fighting for the same antique, how could winning ever be made possible. Well there's ways you just have to know what you're doing or else you'll lose every time.

Winning antique furniture auctions can be simple with a few proven steps. If you are interested in learning how to always win your auctions then read on for more Explosive information.

So first you're here because you are interested in learning the easy steps to winning antique furniture auctions. Here's the deal you can always win with just a few simple steps that most people (even seasoned veterans often overlook. what im going to do for you is give you these steps to help you increase your chances of winning any and every auction you attend.

First, Please attend auctions at smaller venues. there will be less competition, which will greatly increase your chances of winning. Also more importantly there will be people with smaller pockets (less money) at these small time antique auctions. To win more you need smaller competition.

Second, Only bid on items that you can afford to fight for. Obviously if you have $10,000 dollars and the bid starts at $9000. You really don't have that much ground for arguing...someone will outbid you. So help yourself by bidding for antiques well within your means.

Third, Negotiate. Here's the thing if someone wins an antique furniture piece that you wanted lets say an Antique Chair, theirs nothing stopping you from negotiating with the winner to pay them a higher price than what they paid for it.

Heres the key only do this with items that have not been bid up to high otherwise you'll be kicking yourself in the butt for that later. With that being said I would not suggest putting a bid on an item you wish to negotiate for, for obvious reasons. It would also help you to start a relationship with the owner first, and kind of weasel your way into getting the antique for cheap.

Fourth, Never ever tell anyone about what piece you want to win at the antique auction. Its like this .. If you found a way to cheat an antique dealer would you share those details with others, NO, because then they'll do what you're doing or inform someone about your methods. Keep your mouth shut.

Fifth, Use good facial expressions. You would be surprised if I told you the amount of auctions I won by making disappointing faces when an auction was started. Its as I am giving of a vibe that this piece isn't worth it.

This will almost discourage your competitors EVERY single time. Then right at the end at the last second you chime in and bid extremely (bid high but within what you pre planned to buy the piece at) this will still discourage your competitors from buying because you waited until the last second to bid and then you bid high so they will think its not worth it to really bid and you'll almost win your auctions every single time.

Sixth, offer trades. Ok this is so random but it works alot of times. Heres how it works. Lets say someone purchased an antique mirror at an auction that you were at. The mirror was worth $1000 (to keep the figures small). I will offer the winning bidder an equal amount of value city furniture or ashley furniture in exchange for the antique mirror. Sometimes i'll even give them more than what they paid for the mirror in order for them to believe that they are getting the upper hand. Now the cool part is that a year from now you'll be able to sale yours for thousands of dollars while your counterpart will be stuck with basically useless junk.

Like i said these are all simple tips that you can easily learn from. The thing is that most people just merely do not think of this type of stuff. If you would like more information on buying Antique furniture please vist for more unknown tips on winning auctions

About the Author:

I've been in the Antique Furniture Business and my claim to fame is being able to amass over $600,000 worth of antiques while only spending about $45,000 to get this...over the span of two yearssmrtovnice

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