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A Corner Chair Makes Odd Spaces Work

Whether you have a small space or you have an oddly spaced room that you're having trouble finding the right furniture for, a corner chair can help you solve the problem. Unlike conventional chairs which don't fit well into tight corners, corner chairs have backs on two sides making them comfortable to sit in when placed in a corner. These chairs work great in entries, kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms.

One area that corner chairs are often used in is an entry way. These areas can be small and awkward and regular furniture often doesn't fit well. If you'd like a chair there for guests to sit in or a place to take off your shoes, a corner chair makes a great choice. They fit well in the corners by staircases or next to the door. With different fabric and material choices, not to mention styles, you can find a chair that works for your house style and entry.

Another place that you might consider placing a corner chair is in your kitchen or breakfast nook. Manufacturers have started making corner café chairs and barstools which work great when you want to tuck in a high or regular table into a corner of your kitchen. You'll gain an extra, comfortable spot to sit in and everyone will want to be in that spot. Check out the leather options for an updated, pub feel.

When you want to create a cosy reading area in your living room or bedroom, a corner chair will fit in well without taking up valuable space. This can be particularly important in a bedroom where space is generally more limited. Either way, choose a soft, plush chair for the ultimate in comfort. You can even pair it with an Ottoman to add to your comfort.

Corner chairs come in many different styles. You can buy them to match your sofa and loveseat or search for an antique corner chair. Whatever the style of your house, you can find corner chairs that will compliment your other furniture and architecture. Individuals for hundreds of years have been using corner chairs, although they are not as popular now as they were in the past. In part this is due to the wide range of chair choices available today.

A corner chair can be a great choice for your home because they fit in generally unused spaces giving you extra seating. Because not as many people buy them any more, they have become unique pieces that your guests will talk about. You'll love how comfortable they are and how great they look in your home.

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