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The allure of antique furniture

Antique furniture has stood the test of time. It is this quality of endurance that appeals to the modern world. We all aspire at some time in our lives, to acquire an antique piece for our homes. With its refined quality antique furniture never looks out of place. This is of course unless the rest of the decor in very modernistic. English antique chairs for instance always add elegance to a house.

Old furniture does not instantly become an antique. Antiques are valued for their quality, detail, rarity and condition. The term 'antique' is used on furniture dating back 100 years or more and should be in its original shape. This simply means no additions or changes done to the basic structure. Antiques are made out of quality wood such as satinwood, mahogany and walnut, which is why they survive over the years.

The quality of the pieces done by master craftsmen such as Thomas Chippendale, Thomas Sheraton and William Linnell are near impossible to match. These pieces reflected the influences of time they were built in such as Dutch influence and even influences from Japan.

For example during the reign of King William and Queen Mary, a shift was made towards more comfortable furniture. Gone were the austere pieces of before and instead came the padded and upholstered chairs adding comfort. Another change was the chairs were created with the rear legs more spread out, which decreased the chances of the chair tipping over.

Each piece of furniture was a unique creation, showing in its every line and curve the care taken by the craftsman. The bookcases done are works of art, true masterpieces in which to store masterpieces, the books. The pride of each piece resonates and this is the reason people today desire antique furniture.

Especially in England, it is a reminder of the splendour of its history, when men took pride in their work. It was not just to make a living, but a genuine love for the work it involved. It is not something that is readily found in this day and age. Mass production has taken over. Most things are temporary and not built to last generations. Antique furniture, stand for value and pride and act as a reminder of human capabilities

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