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More and more people are turning to antiques for decorating their homes. Not only do they love the look but they also love the feeling that antiques give to their homes. Most antique decorating includes the basic-chair, sofa, tables, and lamps, but the complete job also includes accessories - wall decorations, and fine handwoven oriental rugs on hardwood or stone floors.

Oriental rugs tend to give the antique decor more of an authentic feeling. Since the beginning of life on earth, handwoven oriental rugs have been a mark of status. Only the rich and royal were worthy of these great works of art. Since then, those who create them have realized the benefit of selling them to others throughout the world. Those who purchase oriental rugs are not only getting beautiful floor covering but they are also bringing a touch of history into their home.

Antiques are prized as the perfect combination of beauty, function, and artistry. Made in a simpler age, when all things had to be crafted by hand and not by machine. They help us slow down a bit, appreciate hard work and attention to detail, and teach us to care for things in a disposable world.

Since oriental rugs last for a very long time, they get handed down for generations or they are sold at antique dealers. Those who purchase them do not always know their history but if rugs could talk, they would have many stories to tell.

Who knows, the antique oriental rug may have come from the palace of some of the greatest kings or maybe it was the flying carpet that Aladdin rode that has lost it's steam. Knowing that oriental rugs are rich in history adds to the mystique and value of these rugs.

The value of oriental rugs does not depreciate, it appreciates. Something that may have cost $5,000 dollars several years ago may have a value of $10,000. Knowing this, many people are making an investment by decorating in antiques. Not only with the furniture but with the flooring as well. Not only can you proudly display an oriental rug on the floor but you can also add some charm to any room by hanging it on the wall for all too see.

So the next time that you are looking for a way to make your home look like royalty, think about buying antiques and remember no antique décor is complete without an oriental rug.

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