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Antique & Estate Furniture in Pittsburgh, PA

Antique & Estate Furniture in Pittsburgh, PA

Antique furniture can add a special feeling to a room. Antiques have a classic styling that lasts for years, which is why they become so valuable. There is something timeless about good antiques that sets them aside from the new furniture that is being made. There's a certain surety that comes along with antiques.

They've already stood the test of time, so they are known to be well constructed and timelessly stylish. There's a good chance that a piece of new furniture will also last and not end up looking dated, but there is no way to tell until the time has passed.

Quality furniture repair is valuable when dealing with antique furniture. The main reason is because decades of wear eventually mount and cause some structural problems, which will require reparation. Another reason having access to a quality repair shop is valuable is because building techniques change over time.

Since methods have changed so much, it is important to have a repair shop versed with older building methods. These are the places that can be trusted with the reparation and restoration of antique furniture.

Another issue which pops up with antique furniture is the issue of reupholstering. When it comes to antique reupholstering there are two factors to consider which generally divide people. One thought is to reupholster furniture to keep it useable and presentable in every day life.

Reupholstering can take a chair which looks beat up and unsightly and make it usable again. On the other hand, reupholstering hurts the value of the antique. If the primary concern is to grow the antique as a valuable collectable, then it is probably a good idea to skip reupholstering.

These are all valuable points to consider when buying antiques, but there is much more to consider too. If you're getting down and dirty, there are various time periods with different characteristics to choose from.

Outside of that, there are countries and different cultures to draw from when looking for antiques. Some people chose to focus on one time or area, while others simply look for whatever tickles their fancy. It is up to the individual antique shopper to decide what they're interested in and how they will maintain their antiques after the purchase.

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