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Take Care Of Your Antique Furniture

Some people have the hobby of collecting antique furniture, while others inherit them from their ancestors. Whoever it may be, everyone wants to take care of his antique furniture. But people don't have enough knowledge about what to do and what not to do.

This article would help you find out some of the important things about preserving your furniture.

1. Relative humidity- The fluctuations that occurs in relative humidity due to central heating, is very dangerous for the wood. Seasonal fluctuations for long, do damage to the furniture. During summers the wood expands while during winters the wood shrinks. Exposure to these seasonal conditions for long leads to cracking, splitting and warping of the wood.

The best way to guard the furniture against relative humidity is to use humidifiers in winters and dehumidifiers during hot summers. You should try to maintain a constant room temperature. Also avoid keeping the furniture in your basement or attic or near fireplaces or heating vents.

Just like the wood of the furniture, the finishes are also affected by the relative humidity. The finish crack after becoming brittle. For this you can use some good commercial product used for restoring the lustre.

2. Sunlight - The sunlight affects the wood as badly as it affects our skin. If exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period of time a clear finish can turn yellow. You can avoid sunlight by pulling down the curtains or apply a UV filtering film on windows.

3. Insects - If you find termite spreading in your home, take some action quickly before it reaches your furniture. In this case you should look for professional help. One more kind of insect that is harmful for wooden furniture is the wood beetle. If your furniture is infested by wood beetle put your furniture out on a subzero day. The cold gets rid of the beetle quickly.

4. Surface damage- Avoid placing extremely hot and cold things on the surface. You should also try to avoid sliding things on it as it might put some scratches on the surface. If there is some candle wax deposited on the surface, let it cool first and then slightly remove it with a fingernail.

5. Cleaning- For cleaning purposes, a piece of cloth is sufficient for daily use. Orange oil is also good for cleaning and polishing the surface. You should also wax your furniture every few months.

6. Moving/Handling- Try to handle your furniture with care. Like when you sit on a chair, try to sit lightly. While moving heavy furniture, try to lift it instead of dragging it to avoid pressure on its legs. Lift the table by apron and not from the legs or the top.

Follow these simple tips to keep your old furniture as brand new for long time.

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