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Understanding Details About Antique Restoration

If you have an antique item of furniture you will want to make sure that it is kept in excellent condition and you will find out as much as you can about antique preservation and cleaning.

There are however those pieces which you have picked up at a jumble sale and want to fix up. There are some things you will need to know about antique restoration first so that you don't ruin the item. These are some questions that you will also have to ask before you buy the piece.

The first thing you want to do is find out when the piece of furniture is dated. You might be looking at a chair and think it is a Victorian piece when in actual fact it could just be an imitation Victorian. There are certain things you can look for in the way the furniture is made to see when it was really dated.

Once you are sure the item you have your eye on is an original piece, you will want to find out how you can restore this specific item. Each period in history makes use of different restoration methods and this is largely due to the way they were made, what tools were used, and the wood that was used.

For example in some pieces you might use a bees wax polish, but in some items of furniture this was not used and a mineral oil is more appropriate. The antique restoration is linked closely to how the product was originally made as this will bring it back to its former glory in the most authentic way. If a hammer was used instead of a drill, then this should be used. If the nails were square and not round in the specific period, then this should also be adhered to.

With lots of furniture restorers they don't always stick to the rules and just want to find the quickest way to get your item completed. This does not mean that it will be dealt with totally uniquely and originally.

The best way to get your piece of furniture restored is to spend some time searching for someone who can provide you with a custom job that is done to precision and with care. The other way is to find out as much as you can and do it yourself.

This is only recommended though if you have a good knowledge of carpentry and you have the appropriate tools. If you have never touched a hammer in your life, then now is probably not a good time to start.

Once you have found the best antique restoration company in your area you can take your item in and get them to explain to you exactly what needs to be done to it. Make sure that they know what they are talking about by also doing your research before hand on the piece and ask them lots of questions. If they can see that you are pedantic and know what you are talking about then they are more likely to do a great job.

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