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Welcome to the New York 'Hall of Antiques'

Rich assortments of 'treasures' including the old and new world are the Antiques. Antiques can be found everywhere and people just get drawn to the beauty of a piece of antique furniture, or to a thing that reminds them of their childhoods. With antiques, it's the warmth of old things - owning a piece of history.

As the saying goes 'One person's trash is another treasure' The art and antiques market is greatly diverse. At one end are the collections in museums and in other public ownership, together with art and antiques owned by private individuals. But it is an area accessible to everyone regardless of wealth -many items, for example collectables, can be bought for very modest price.

The Old Village Hall is a small and affordable boutique that was started by Scott Hill who was Polo Ralph Lauren's window dresser. The Old Village Hall, New York, Located on 2nd Street in East village is the brain child of Scott Hill. It offers numerous artifacts for sale like furniture, decorative throw pillows, objects, tote bags and fabric wall hangings. The entire collection has a rustic feel to it and can transform any ultra modern studio apartment to something having a feel of its own.

The contemporary decorative throw pillows are the highlight of the collection with primarily Balsam and decorative varieties available. Innovative writing on the pillows lends them a very up market and in-fashion feel which will transform your living room.

Furniture consists of a variety of beautifully upholstered chairs and beautifully restructured easy chairs. All the fabrics utilized in the upholstery are hand screened by Mr. Hill. Beautiful wall hangings and vintage photographs are also available and can lend a touch of old world charm to your home along with antique toys and show pieces that are available here. Tote Bags in a very retro theme are also on sale. One can stop by at for cool stuff N antiques.

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