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The Unique Features That Make Antique Furniture Be Worth More

Antique furniture items don't come cheap. Subsequently, one of the things that perplex people upon encountering the price quotations attached to the said antique furniture items is the question as to what extra value the antique furniture comes with, to justify the hefty price tags.

And as it turns out, the hefty price tags associated with antique items are typically on account of some unique features associated with the same furnishings. We now venture to explore five such features, which are often given as justification for the higher price tags associated with antique furniture:

Age: it is precisely on account of its age that furniture is classified as being ‘antique.' And as it also turns out, there is nothing as fascinating as being able point to a piece of furniture in your living room (say to guests you may be entertaining), and mentioning to them that the item is more than a century old! There is pride in being the owner and custodian of such an item. And like most sources of pride in life, it is something you pay for: in this case price being the hefty costs associated with genuinely antique furniture items.

Rarity: it often turns out that some (actually most) of the antique furniture items have gone out of production. Therefore if you happen to lay your hands on one of them, you end up with a very rare item indeed, which would be a great source of pride to you.

It is human nature to endeavour to have that which others don't have. That is what makes us be willing pay lots of money to get genuinely antique furniture items, which we can almost be sure that we would be the only people owning them.

Exquisiteness: this is about the special designs found on most antique furniture items. More often than not, the said designs will have been commonplace at the times when antique furniture items were in currency. But with passage of time, such designs go out of production (as, for instance, the technologies that made them possible become obsolete).

The end result is where having furniture based on such designs becomes something ‘special' worth paying more for. In a way then, this exquisiteness advantage associated with antique furniture is more often than not a function of the furniture's age and rarity, as explored earlier.

Sentimental value: this will tend to arise as a function of the furniture's history. Most antique furniture items turn out to have long winded histories, and some turn out to be the furniture items used at such and such functions (facts which bequeath to them enduring sentimental value, and make their ownership and custody a possible source of pride).

Past owners: sometimes, some of the superior value attached to antique furniture items turns out to be a function of their history with regard to their previous owners. It can, for instance, be a great source of pride to point to a chair in your living room, and mention that it was used by such and such an important historical figure, and has eventually gotten into your possession.

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