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The Antique Piano Bench - Restoration Plans

Many piano enthusiasts and antique lovers entertain the idea of restoring an antique piano bench. Careful attention must be given during restoration to the useful function of the bench including its ability to withstand normal weight.

Aesthetic detail must be completed to insure the antique bench will fit with the user's décor and furniture.

Typical models available in the 2nd hand buyers market include the organ stool, the traditional upright piano bench with slat supports and the piano chair. Before purchasing or considering a full restoration of a bench an inspection of the frame and iron fittings and/or adjustment mechanisms for cracks, deterioration and rust should be completed.

Parts deteriorated beyond repair must be replaced before the bench will be suitable for normal restoration.

When the restoration of an antique bench begins, all old coverings of vinyl or leather are removed and the bench is disassembled. All steel or brass parts can be polished with a cloth wheel and returned to their original lustre.

The old crack varnish can be removed with an industrial grade paint stripper with special attention given to removing all the varnish and washing the wood with an alcohol based cleaner. The wood can then be stained to the preferred choice and finished with a lacquer or polyester based finish for optimum results.

While restoration of an antique piano bench can be completed successful, the current cost of materials and care that must be given to the toxicity of substances require for refurbishing may outweigh the advantages of owning an older bench.

The selection and models of new piano benches for sale are vast, many being priced affordable with quality features that will insure years of usage. Piano benches purchased online are shipped to your door within a few days and are easily assembled, only the legs being detached during shipment.

About the Author:
Emily Kleiberg

Emily Klieberg interests includes ethnomusicology, music history including post-modern compositions and piano, piano bench musical collages and modern art-work. Visit for more information.smrtovnice

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