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Restored Antique Furniture - The Key to a Stylish Room?

Picture the scene. You're entertaining guests. You've spent hours on your outfit, selected the finest bottle of wine you can afford, and you've locked the cats in a spare room so they don't shed all over your friends.

And your guests enter your home, take one look at your furniture and can barely suppress their smiles and smirks. All your hard work and effort for nothing, because you've bought the least stylish sofa ever invented.

But there is another way.

Antique Furniture - Certain to Impress Guests

Vintage or antique furniture is nigh on guaranteed to please even the most aesthetically-obsessed of guests. Occasional tables, ladder back chairs and pinework accessories work in concert to portray an air of classic, unforced style.

Stylish vintage furniture doesn't just impress ‘ it also sets the mood. Your friends will be relaxed and put at ease by their chic surroundings, lending an air of sophisticated fun to any dinner party or gathering.

And once your friends have left for their own homes and apartments, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the atmosphere yourself.

But don't feel too pleased with yourself just yet ‘ because cutting corners and only having a few stylish rooms will backfire when guests visit other rooms around your home.

Why Shouldn't a Bathroom Be Chic?

Well? Why shouldn't they? If you've gone to the trouble of installing sophisticated antiques in every other room of your house, from the bedroom to your hallway, then why would you leave your bathroom as a gleaming bastion of boring porcelain?

Vintage fixtures and fittings have their place in every room of the home, whether in the form of wooden sleigh beds or ceramic toilet roll holders and classic mirrors.

So don't cut corners, and bring a touch of vintage flair to every room of your house.

Taking Vintage Style Outside

Restored antique furniture shouldn't be limited to the interior of your home. If you're truly looking to make a lasting impression on neighbours, friends, guests or even passers-by, then you need to think long and hard about what your garden says about you.

Naturally, a trim and proper garden gives the right impression, but you can really set off a green space's natural features with vintage accessories. For example, a 1950's Pic-Pac chair will scream ‘chic!', while a late 1990's plastic deckchair will just sigh ‘shabby'.

So if you're serious about showing a stylish side to the world, make sure you don't limit your furniture choices to just the sitting room or dining room. Take your tastes for antique styling and display it proudly about your home, inside and out.

It's guaranteed to make an impression!

About the Author:
This article was written by Andrew Nattan on behalf of Truly Vintage ‘ retailers of high quality painted vintage furniture throughout the UK.smrtovnice

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