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Eight Reasons to Choose Antique Furniture

It's hard being fashionable. Keeping up to date with the latest styles and trends can take a lot of time, effort, and most importantly of all, money.

So why not look for a way of staying stylish all the time? That way you don't need to spend ages poring over furniture catalogues, drag your other half around countless outlets and retailers, or spend every penny of your hard-earned wages on futons and footstools.

The best way to stay stylish is to invest in some high quality vintage furniture - and here's eight great reasons that it's better than attempting to follow the trend.

1) Hard Wearing: Vintage furniture has been around. It's survived decades of use, hard knocks and occasional scratches. And because your furniture is still in a useable condition despite all of this, you can be sure that it'll stand up to day-to-day use in your home. Which can't necessarily be said for your brand new sofa.

2) Good Looking: Nothing looks as good as stylish classic tables, chairs, dressers and drawers. Antiques are guaranteed to become a focal point in any room, from the bedroom to the kitchen, and their classic styling means that they'll always be...

3) Timeless: No matter how trends change, your furniture will remain chic and interesting. A truly timeless addition to any home.

4) Works With Any Décor: Antique furniture will work in almost any room, regardless of how you've decorated. So you don't need to spend hours and hours looking for a precise shade of mauve to compliment your new curtains. Just find a traditional, wooden piece, and it'll fit into every room.

5) A One-off Investment: Your timeless antique furniture works with any décor, and is incredibly hard wearing. So you won't need to splash out on replacing it every few years. A one-off investment, and you'll have a piece that you'll treasure for years to come.

6) Versatile: Bathrooms, bedrooms, sitting rooms, kitchens - antiques fit into all of these rooms, so you don't need to worry about planning out different themes and styles for each room of your home. Just embrace the antique aesthetic!

7) Striking: Nothing catches the eye like a piece of history. So if you want your guests to get talking, you'll be glad of your investment.

8) Easy to Resell: The second you buy a brand new suite for your front room, it starts to depreciate in value. But when you buy restored vintage furniture, it increases in value the longer you own it, making it easy to sell on for a profit!

There are many other reasons to choose restored vintage furniture for your home, but half of the fun is finding those reasons for yourself. So good luck on your search!

About the Author:
This article was written by Andrew Nattan on behalf of Truly Vintage � retailers of high quality restored antique furniture throughout the UK.smrtovnice

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